14 day diet plan – fourteenth day

14 day diet plan – fourteenth day – Snacking

14 day diet menu

Breakfast: Fruit shake, which is good for vitality (200 g of fruit mixed with 200 g of milk).

Lunch: Rice with vegetables and meat.

Dinner: Fresh tomatoes with pieces of mozzarella cheese.

Today is on a regular diet, preferably every three hours, so you that burning fat is running at full steam.

Going back

Grazing is a word which means that we snack constantly. In the background of this new diet trends are findings of Swiss scientists which have proved that we lose weight faster, if we break 3 meals in 7 smaller meals. The main reason is that smaller portions arranged throughout the day, make stomach to work through all day. This encourages thermo-genesis and increased body temperature after eating and increased calorie burn.

Afford it!

Start today with a breakfast that is rich in carbohydrates, for noon enjoy a delicious lunch that will fill you both with carbohydrates and proteins. Complete the evening with a serving of protein, from the fish or meat. Next prepare vegetables or salad. Meanwhile with 4 meals will be your fat-burning mechanism always active.

Don’t forget

You can enjoy vegetables and fruits in unlimited quantities.

The best snacks between meals

  • Apple or Pear: pectins provide satiety for long-term.
  • Yogurt and whey: calcium promotes fat breakdown. Fat Burning Foods.
  • Stem vegetables with sauce: healthy combination for gut. Food Combining.
  • Dried fruit: great wealth of vitamins and fiber and no calories.
  • Nuts: as proteins have longer digestion than carbohydrates, we have a longer feeling of satiety.