The right nutrition at the workplace

Intake affects our concentration and creativity at workplace. Fatty food consumes a lot of energy to digest and it will not help us. Even sweet snacks will not.

Just as in the life also at work it is necessary to take time for a snack. It is not important only to completely ignore the obligations that hang over us and eat in peace, but the content of the meal it is as much important.

Carbohydrate intake should be suitable

Let it be that our central daily intake is full of



quality carbohydrates and not full of processed cereals. Carbohydrates are, apart from protein and fat basic food in our diet, necessary for the creation of glycogen in the muscles and the basic nutrient for our nervous system.

If we consume too much, it accumulates in the body as fat. It will be good, if we select cereals with low gluten or without gluten content (buckwheat, millet, quinoa, corn, rice, amaranth …).

This can be prepared in soups and stews.

The taste can be enriched with quality, unrefined oils (such as olive, coconut, sesame, pumpkin seed, rapeseed and sweet almond oil), nuts and fresh vegetables.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Snacks between major daily meals should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. Tasty snacks could be made from dried fruits and nuts, which are rich with vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Avoid artificial sugar

It is recommended avoiding heavily processed white flour, excessive amounts of unhealthy fats (refined oils, fried foods) and purified, artificial sugar.

For the metabolism of sugar, body is spending a lot of minerals. If these are not entered during the diet, the body must use storage ones, which in the long-term can lead to lack of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, chromium…

If you cannot resist to sweet snack, make sure that you enjoy additional minerals. Eat fresh apple or fennel. It is even better if artificial and refined sugars are replaced with natural sweeteners such as barley, corn, and oat and wheat malt.

You can also choose maple syrup, concentrated fruit juices or apple fresh syrups, raspberry, strawberry, elderberry, plums or dates. Carob, molasses and coconut sugar.