31 Dec 2011

How to burn fat

How to burn fat during holidays From shopping to entertainment and cooking – All this can be recreation. So if you do not have time to go for a workout, check out how to burn fat of
28 Dec 2011

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet taste triggers a feeling of annual leave, maintain slimness and health. Researchers at the American University of Colombia have discovered that the Mediterranean diet protects the heart, blood vessels, and brain. Secret of Vegetarian Diet
27 Dec 2011

Cabbage Soup Diet

American dieting in soups in the seventies became a real fashion hit and is now returning in grand style. Eating soup every day eventually becomes monotonous, but renovated diet in addition to four daily meals of soup,
23 Dec 2011

Heizmann weight loss recipes

Cherry cake with chocolate For18pieces: 250 g sour (from the jar), 40 g dark chocolate, 250 g ground almonds, 1 packet of baking powder, 250 g wheat flour (type 1050), a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons canola
23 Dec 2011

Heizmann Weight Loss method

Heizmann Weight Loss foods So called Heizmann Weight Loss method promises that you can eat all you want (including chocolate), but time must be right. You must comply with specific nutritional hours, which we are going to
21 Dec 2011

Energy diet tips

GREEN TEA Energy Diet Foods To feel active and energetic, energy tea drink can help us, if we drink it through the day and contain green tea and ginseng. Prepare a mixture of green tea (100 g),
20 Dec 2011

Detox diets for weight loss

If you still opt for the loss of inches, we recommend that you take at least nine days detoxification plan, because it represents an ideal step even before the weight-loss program. In the days of detoxification of
20 Dec 2011

Detox diet plan

It would be good if there was a special cleanser for the body. Like we vacuum dust in the house, we could easily suck all the dirt from our bodies. Such devices do not exist yet, but
20 Dec 2011

Energy diet plan

Every day energy diet planEnergy diet plan BreakFast: cup (50 ml) of skimmed milk with a teaspoon of cocoa, coffee, 2 whole wheat cracker and one fruit (200 g) Snack: for morning and afternoon snack eat one