20 Oct 2011

Ways to curb appetite

Ways to curb appetite. If you want to lose few extra pounds, but you do not succeed, because you are constantly hungry as a wolf, you can try any of the following tricks to reduce appetite. Maybe
18 Oct 2011

Tomato diet recipes

Do you want to lose a few pounds, but still enjoy the food? This will surely succeed with delicious tomato recipes diet! As a soup, sauce or salad, cold or hot – tomatoes are always appetizing! They
18 Oct 2011

Mediterranean diet plan

Do you like pasta? Would you like to eat it for lunch and for dinner? Do you know what pasta have to do with happiness? Do you find it too good to be true? Would you like
14 Oct 2011

3 day detox diet

Refreshing or even better cleaning weekend diet lasts only three days and is moreover a very tasty diet. During this time, the most hardworking can lose of two kilograms of weight loss. Start on Friday and end
13 Oct 2011

Gluten free diet benefits

Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah are just two celebrities who have not switched to a gluten-free food for health reasons, but to lose some weight. More and more studies show that a gluten-free diet is not just for
13 Oct 2011

Mayo diet plan

Mayo Clinic history dates back to the beginnings of the last century. It was founded by Dr. William W. Mayo and soon outgrew its boundaries. Today, Mayo is not only Hospital, Development and Research Centre, but also
12 Oct 2011

Weight loss tricks

We have prepared 30 effective tips that will help you to lose extra pounds. To maintain a constant level of blood sugar you should eat regularly. Rather eat five small meals, so you do not have any
10 Oct 2011

Montignac Diet

My diet plan is a perfectly balanced diet. It offers precisely healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. The introduction to Michel Montignac book is Eat with pleasure – stay slim, which has become a worldwide success. « Montignac
7 Oct 2011

How to speed up metabolism

For weight loss has a decisive influence also a healthy digestion. How to speed up digestion that will help the body eliminate unhealthy substances and melt fat? What is happening with food in your body? Food begins