Metabolism Miracle Diet Golden Rules

The purpose of Metabolism miracle diet is not merely an aesthetic impression, because it will definitely help you to improve wellbeing and health.


For best results it is very important to drink plenty of fluids. In addition to water that we have to drink at least 2 liters per day, is also allowed to drink herbal teas, juices without caffeine and sugar and diet drinks.


Positive thinking and beliefs about success is an important part of the diet program. Before going to bed and in the morning repeat the mantra.” Every dayI am moreleanand healthy! Avoid a bad mood, because your thoughts will begin to impact your efforts and results of the diet. Trust in yourself and the miracle will happen.


To lose weight, eat often! In small portions! Always snack, beginning an hour after getting up. Take evening intermediate portion, just before going to bed. If you arrange meals throughout the day, your body will constantly burn processed food and calories.


During Metabolism diet enjoy supplements, such as multivitamins and minerals, calcium, fish oil and vitamin E.

Metabolism Miracle diet recipes


  • omelet with ham and hard light cheese, a slice of rye crackers with a light butter
  • 150 ml vegetable juice, 2 handfuls of cheese with low fat
  • a slice of toast or crackers with a little sugar-free peanut butter and unsweetened soy milk


  • tuna salad with mayonnaise can be based on the lettuce and tomato slices, sugar-free jelly
  • grilled hamburger without the bread, with salad and light dressing
  • shrimp salad with mayonnaise and spinach, lemon pudding with ricotta


  • roasted chicken breast with sauce and boiled or grilled roasted cauliflower
  • grilled meat with mushrooms, low-calorie slice of rye bread, salad with light dressing and broccoli, cooked by steaming and topped with cheese
  • baked salmon fillet with peppers, onions and zucchini (baked in the oven), cauliflower puree, sugar free jelly, topped with cream and low fat
  • chicken stew, cooked green beans, chocolate cake – Brownie


  • low-fat cheese
  • nuts
  • vegetable sauce
  • turkey or ham slices with a slice of cheese
  • olives
  • chocolate cake
  • muffin