How to act in case of sports injuries


Any professional or amateur sportsman has already met with more or less severe sports injury. The best course is prevention. So how to act in case sports injury happen, anyway?

The basic key is prevention

To prevent sports injures it is important that we properly prepare our muscular skeletal system for sport activities. To make this happen it is important both muscle performance as the length of muscle.

Proper heating and cooling of the muscular skeletal system it is important before and after sports activities.

Close up of a foot with bandage.

Close up of a foot with bandage.

Since our muscles operate under the control of the nervous system, it is crucial to include in sports activities training, which promotes concerted action of neuromuscular system.

This exercise is known under different names: sensory-motor training, proprioceptive training, lure balance, exercise to increase proprioceptive inflow etc. For this porpoise it is most important to listen to our body and deal with sports within our capabilities.

What if …

Unfortunately accident never rest. Injuries in sport accidents cannot be prevented, but we can reduce the number and severances. Upon the occurrence of injuries is vital correct and timely identification of the causes of damage because the treatment can be causal oriented and thus the most effective.

So how do we proceed when we feel that we are hurt?

For successful treatment of injuries is crucial timely and correct conclusion what structure is damaged and how badly. Only thus will prevent further damage and allow most effective injury treatment.

How much time you should take to recover?

Many people are excited to return to their sports activities as soon as possible after an injury. How much time we should rest? Any injury even a sport injury needs time. When we talk about muscle injuries we are talking about a period of between three and twelve weeks. Similar is time which takes to return to sports activities after joint or ligaments injuries. We have to return in sports activities gradually after an injury.

When and to what you should be particularly vigilant:

  • The most common reasons for injuries in sports: Overload, inadequate muscle capacity, inadequate length of the muscle, and inappropriate footwear
  • The most common sports where injuries occur: Contact sports such as handball, football, basketball, judo, etc.

The most common injuries in sports: Ankle injuries (sprains ankle), knee injuries (injuries meniscus, knee ligaments, articular cartilage) damage to the shoulder (dislocation of the shoulder joint) and damage to the muscles (hamstrings, calf muscles, muscles of the rotator cuff) and overload injuries