Healing mushroom Maitake

Maitake mushrooms are known to help in the treatment of viruses, bacterial infections, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases. In Japanese, their name means “dancing mushroom.”maitake-mushrooms-934934 A legend says that the people danced for joy when they found that mushroom.

Maitake grow in the woods at the bottom of the trees, in the form of bushes which reaches 50 cm in height and width. They are known as Japanese mushrooms, which are used in Japanese and Chinese medicine, to establish a balance in the body. Because they contain powerful polysaccharides stimulate the immune system, research has also shown that they have the ability to regulate blood glucose levels, blood pressure and insulin. They are also useful in weight loss due to the regulation of cholesterol, phospholipids and triglycerides.

Maitake are rich in minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium) and contain vitamins (D2, niacin, B2). They also contain some fiber and amino acids, which are essential for the proper functioning of the organism. They are a rich source of polysaccharides and polysaccharide-protein complexes, which are used by the body to strengthen the immune system.

With Maitake mushrooms in the fight against cancer

Asian doctors use healing mushrooms such as Maitake for hundreds of years to clean the blood, in help with respiratory diseases, to improve the functioning of internal organs and as a remedy for all possible illnesses.

Maitake mushrooms contain grifolan, beta-D-glucan, a strong polysaccharide, which enhances the immune system by activation of macrophage cells, natural killer cells and T-cells. These cells play an important role in enhancing the overall resistance and preventing the formation of free radicals that could damage the system of body.

Recent research has shown that the so-called Fraction D (branched b-1,6-glucan, which bears 1.3 branched-chain and about 30% protein) obtained and purified from Maitake, has significant therapeutic effects, and among other things, acts immune-stimulatory and inhibits the growth of tumors.

In collaboration with chemotherapy alleviate side effects such as nausea and hair loss. Clinical research has shown that Maitake improves the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduce the side effects of 95 percent.