Energy diet


Energy diet

With energy diet we lose a few pounds and during the weight loss we do not feel tired and without power. The first rule is that we do not sacrifice. Too low caloric nutrition weakens the body and thoroughly tests our will. Therefore, we may lose motivation and we don’t bring weight-loss program to an end.

Energy diet contains constant calorie intake, because of the food we will not be in a bad mood and also contains all the nutrients that are important for health. In addition, it contains certain substances that promote concentration and good humor.

Energy diet incentive foods

In order to feel vital and fit in our energy diet should not be missed the following foods:


Women are ease to a deficiency of iron, which makes them feel tired and worn out. In order to avoid iron deficiency, we have to have a balanced diet that includes meat and fish.


World Health Organization recommends that all people of all ages the use of iodinated salt and to avoid the lack of iodine, which is widespread. Iodine is a very important mineral for proper functioning of the thyroid. Incorrect operation of these leads to reduced physical and mental abilities, rapidly changing moods, as well as bad concentration.


Good mood depends also on the vitamin B6, which is in large quantities in cereals, pulses, squid, dried mushrooms, and brewer’s yeast, as well as magnesium-containing legumes, wholegrain foods and dried fruits.


Kolin, which is in large quantities of eggs (especially egg yolks) and soy, helps to overcome fatigue. Because of Carnitine and Creatine we more easily combat fatigue. The organism is synthesized by certain amino acids found in meat, roast beef, fish and roasted peanuts.


In recent years, is added to most energy drinks. Taurine regulates the function of the nervous and muscular system: due to insufficient intake we can feel apathy and tired. Its absence could be avoided if we add the meat and fish to the diet.51qbVwnKxqL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_


Many substances, also known as adapt gens, providing high-performance for our body, helping to normalize the effects of physical and mental stress, improve memory and concentration. Here belongs also caffeine that is in coffee, tea and guarana.

Energy Diet

The Energy diet contains 1,400 calories a day. If we follow the energy diet plan for one month, we will lose 4 pounds.

It contains a very diverse protein food and quite a few ‘accessories’ (coffee, tea, chocolate, and ginseng) that increase energy intake.

Seasoning: per day use two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of iodine salts.

Vegetables: the portions should be plentiful. Do not need to be weighed.

We must drink at least half liter of water, fruit juices without added sugar and tea.