Healthy Nutrition Tips Archive

23 Apr 2015

Benefits of reducing sugar intake

Consumption of sugar is in the last 160 years significantly increased in the Western world and with this the rate of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Today we all know that we should reduce the
22 Apr 2015

Dates health benefits

It is known for a long time that dates are excellent natural sweeteners that can replace unhealthy sweets. A recent research of British universities Cardiff Metropolitan also showed that dates are extremely effective in the fight against
11 Apr 2015

Garlic health benefits

New research has shown that garlic is healthier than we thought. Garlic protects our brain against stress, which is caused by the environment, garlic inhibits brain aging and ensure that brain have an optimally long-running. Garlic kills
10 Apr 2015

Health benefits of bananas

Banana hides an invaluable wealth of health. It helps in the fight against high pressure, improves digestion and mood. Discover what lies beneath the sturdy yellow peel. Bananas are probably the most underrated fruit, but in fact
18 Sep 2013

It is time for the autumn detoxification

Start the morning Colder months are coming, and we should prepare our body. That why it’s time to opt for the autumn body detoxification and make sure that autumn will not caught you unprepared. ‚Ķwith a glass
12 Sep 2013

How to make a healthier hamburger

Even though we know that industrial processed foods are harmful, we often do not know how to resist industrial food. But when the desire to bite into a hamburger is bigger, you can prepare it for your
26 Sep 2012

Health benefits of potatoes

Many people, who would like to lose extra pounds, first delete potatoes from the menu. Therefore, experts warn about health benefits of potatoes, which are the main source of energy and natural cure for many common diseases.
6 Jan 2012

Chia seeds benefits

Have you heard of Chia Seeds? These seeds come from South and Central America and were already used by the Maya and Inca. We enjoy them in the form of grain, ground into meal or soaked in
14 Dec 2011

Persimmon cream with whipped cream

  Persimmon cream with whipped cream Persimmon cream with whipped cream ingredients 2 ripe Persimmon 45 g sugar45 ml of rum 1 pinch of salt 235 ml fresh cream 1 tablespoon powdered sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract