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17 Nov 2015

Why is regularly drinking water important for weight loss?

There are many reasons why it is important to drink water regularly, especially if you are on a diet: Initial weight loss is largely due to water loss, so you will need to drink plenty of water
23 Oct 2015

How to spend more calories

In order to maintain a healthy weight, do not eat more than you can spend. American scientists have offered an incredibly simple advice on how you can spend more calories without having to change much in your
8 Sep 2015

How to maintain motivation to achieve your goals

Stay committed to your goal and do not give up even an inch. Five tips how to keep the motivation go on. Think outside the frameworks Whatever the area of your life is, a routine is one
7 Sep 2015

Positive effects of interval training

As mentioned, the interval training is ideal for improving the results for example in a marathon or short runs. With regular exercise of interval training we increase endurance and speed of movement with the greatest endeavors, without
4 Sep 2015

Interval training

Are you an avid runner or cyclist or at least trying to become? Do you practise several times a week, but you seams to be blocked at a certain stage of your progress and can not move
26 Aug 2015

Proper nutrition and exercise

Anyone who has ever dealt with sport, especially professionally, is very much aware that a proper diet is crucial both for losing weight, gaining muscle mass, as well as to improve strength and endurance, and ultimately to
14 Aug 2015

How to repair muscle fiber

Although exercising is healthy, also in this area as everywhere in life overdoing can harm. So do exercising but at the same time learn how to ensure that you do not get surprised by sore and stiff
26 Jun 2015

How to act in case of sports injuries

  Any professional or amateur sportsman has already met with more or less severe sports injury. The best course is prevention. So how to act in case sports injury happen, anyway? The basic key is prevention To
21 May 2015

Strength training program

  Strong bones are important at all ages, even more in middle age, because bone density starts to decline after 30 years up. The good news is that exercise can slow down this process. 15-minute workout will