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8 Dec 2011

14 day diet plan – fourth day

14 day diet plan – fourth day – Easy and relaxing 14 day diet menu Rice with Juice: 100g of rice cook for 40 minutes in 125 ml of unsweetened apple juice and 100 ml of water.
8 Dec 2011

14 day diet plan – second and third day

14 day diet plan – 2. and 3. day 14 day diet menu Breakfast: fruit salad of your choice. Lunch: Mixed vegetable salad, also of your choice. Dinner: Tomato soup (mash at least 6 tomatoes). START This
7 Dec 2011

14 day diet plan

The 14 day diet plan will show you how to lose weight in 14 days. 14 day diet plan – first day – lactic day 14 day diet menu Breakfast: 300 ml of whey juice mixed with
7 Dec 2011

14 day diet

14 day diet plan Women opt for 14 day diet in the period before and during the summer. Each wants to feel good in a swimsuit and of course have a good look. If we decide to
30 Nov 2011

Pineapple diet

With warm days there is usually a desire to »put in order« our body, which has produced a few extra pounds over the winter. First, we must ensure a regular physical exercise and nature, which is beginning
9 Nov 2011

Hormone diet

The secret of new hormone diet is hidden in the distribution of three diet types. Gestagenic, estrogen and testosterone hormones will decide on how we lose weight. All three types of hormone diets should have an abundant
8 Nov 2011

5 day herbal diet

Herbal diet Diet for 2 people with a maximum of 1500 calories cleanse the body and fill you with energy. FIRST DAY For morning and afternoon snack treat yourself with tasty smoothies, light pastries or fruit. It
4 Nov 2011

Grape diet

Grapes are good organism cleaner which makes it beneficial to the whole body and it helps in weight loss. It is a very good food for the nerves, brain, teeth and bones. Grapes contain extremely valuable ingredients:
3 Nov 2011

Detox diet with apple

A diet that contains apples, apples and apples, helps not only for the well-being and appearance, but also help cleanse our bodies. 3 day apple diet is a diet that allows the ingestion of any type and