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20 Dec 2011

Detox diet plan

It would be good if there was a special cleanser for the body. Like we vacuum dust in the house, we could easily suck all the dirt from our bodies. Such devices do not exist yet, but
20 Dec 2011

Energy diet plan

Every day energy diet planEnergy diet plan BreakFast: cup (50 ml) of skimmed milk with a teaspoon of cocoa, coffee, 2 whole wheat cracker and one fruit (200 g) Snack: for morning and afternoon snack eat one
19 Dec 2011

Energy diet

  Energy diet With energy diet we lose a few pounds and during the weight loss we do not feel tired and without power. The first rule is that we do not sacrifice. Too low caloric nutrition
19 Dec 2011

Asian Diet

Asian diet Asian diet combines many healthy nutrients. In addition to rice is Asian diet also rich in fruit and vegetables, which are considered successful fighter against the accumulation of pounds. Did you know that Asians have
17 Dec 2011

Metabolism Miracle Diet Golden Rules

The purpose of Metabolism miracle diet is not merely an aesthetic impression, because it will definitely help you to improve wellbeing and health. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER For best results it is very important to drink plenty
16 Dec 2011

Metabolism miracle diet – step 3

Metabolism miracle diet – Third step A wider selection of food and bigger food intake Beans, corn or rice contains 8 times more calories than peas, green beans or mushrooms. One rye cracker has 6.6 grams of
16 Dec 2011

Metabolism miracle diet – step 2

Metabolism miracle diet – Second step Return to the carbs In the second part Metabolism Miracle diet your body process carbohydrates in a controlled manner. After rigorous eight-week carbohydrate-free diet comes time to eat carbs again. In
16 Dec 2011

Metabolism miracle diet – step 1

Metabolism miracle diet Important rules It is allowed to eat food in unlimited quantities, but we still recommend moderation. Break between meals should be at least five hours. If you’re hungry, eat food from intermediate list. Daily
16 Dec 2011

What is metabolism B

There are several symptoms such as uncontrolled breeding, the creation of fat deposits around the belly and lack of energy. The origin of all people problems with such metabolism is the way their body processes the carbohydrates