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10 Oct 2011

Montignac Diet

My diet plan is a perfectly balanced diet. It offers precisely healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats. The introduction to Michel Montignac book is Eat with pleasure – stay slim, which has become a worldwide success. « Montignac
7 Oct 2011

How to speed up metabolism

For weight loss has a decisive influence also a healthy digestion. How to speed up digestion that will help the body eliminate unhealthy substances and melt fat? What is happening with food in your body? Food begins
6 Oct 2011

Zone diet plan

One of the most frequent questions of customers is surely what you think about the effects and effectiveness of different diets. It seems to me that the most popular diet is a separation diet, after this is
5 Oct 2011

South Beach Diet Plan

The South Beach diet was presented by cardiologist Arthur Agatston and dietist Marie Almon around 1990, because they found that most people, who want to prevent cardio-vascular diseases, are confused among the flood of advice on low
4 Oct 2011

How to resist food tips

Are you also one of the people who cannot resist to salty snacks such as popcorn or chips? Scientists have discovered why this is so and how to resist food or how to fix the habit. Scientists
3 Oct 2011

How the Atkins Diet works

Protein diets are recently very popular, because they provide rapid weight loss. And since people still believe in the magic pill (no matter what kind of impact will have on our health), we are willing to try
30 Sep 2011

Cinnamon weight loss

Improves taste, soothing, stops bleeding, and prevents inflammation and spasms. Suitable for the heart, stomach and nerves. Healing. Cinnamon is a flavor that is recommended for all age groups, its beneficial effects in mature age are even
30 Sep 2011

Strawberry Nutrition Diet

Sweet fruits are not only extremely delicious, but also an ideal diet food – fast digestible and almost no calories (100 grams it contains up to 32). In addition, they contain much larger amounts of manganese, which
29 Sep 2011

5 day diet

Five-day and stress-free diet with guaranteed success. Listen to your body and learn how to understand it. Losing weight will be a child’s play. Think differently than you think so far. Imagine that you are slim and