Asian Diet

Asian diet

Asian diet combines many healthy nutrients. In addition to rice is Asian diet also rich in fruit and vegetables, which are considered successful fighter against the accumulation of pounds. Did you know that Asians have virtually no problems with cellulite?

Asian diet is delicious and offers satiety food that never makes your stomach hungry, your body is more tense and without detectable traces of cellulite.

Asian Diet Secretthe-asian-diet-book

Asian Diet Secret is not hiding in the quantity, but in the food combining. Asian diet plan combines different types of food and combines them into a perfect whole, from which is then composed a healthy meal. This is a very healthy way of weigh loss, but requires a lot of determination and perseverance.

Asian Diet Food


Rice is the main ingredient in Asian diet and will be present on your plate every day. When you are completely fed up with it, you can replace it, but only with corn noodles or corn bread. Be aware that both the replacement components contain much more calories, so select them only as a last resort, or specify a weekday when you want to make a sin.


Also vegetables will be every day present on your plate. The most suitable vegetables are carrots, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, spinach, kale, chard, onions and garlic. You can choose between cooked or raw vegetables. If you want to spice up, you can do it with a little salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.


For fruit follow the rules already written. Treat yourself with a banana for breakfast, apple for a snack before lunch and tangerine for dinner. Also pineapple is a popular fruit. In your everyday life bring some exotic fruits, which will replace the calorific desserts. Instead of chocolate cake, buy soy yogurt with papaya and pineapple and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon is excellent for weight loss. A glass of soya milk to beat the evening hunger and a teaspoon of honey will curb the sudden craving for sweets.


Use soybean in all possible forms. The same goes for cheese and yogurt. Convenient snack are also nuts. Most healthy are almonds, which do not mean that you need to empty the entire bag. It is enough ten almond kernels.


You can add twice a week, to Asian Diet Menuchicken or fish. Two day should not follow in a raw. For example, select Wednesday and Sunday. Then you can enjoy a combination of fried meat and vegetable sauce with the addition of rice. When preparing, remember that Asian diet is never too greasy. Juicy meat means proper preparation and not drowning in fat.

Red meat is used rarely. You can afford it only once a month. Choose from veal, beef and pork. Gather it with grilled vegetables or create a unique Asian Moussaka.