14 day diet plan – eighth day

14 day diet plan – eighth day– Food Combining

14 day diet menu

Breakfast: You decide which group of food to choose, it is important only that you do not mix groups with each other. Carbohydrate breakfast consists of whole wheat pastry with Trapist or fresh cheese and honey. If you would like to eat the morning meal, rich in protein, opt for eggs with vegetables, exps5557_CS1681C24but without the bread! Fruit lovers can enjoy the fruits, without limiting the quantity.

Lunch: Ideal lunch should be high in protein, which means you can combine about 150 g of meat, 200 g of fish or 2 eggs with vegetables or salad. Without thinking, you can choose food from the neutral group that supplies the body with energy and promote fitness and alertness.

Dinner: To conclude the day nutritionists recommend carbohydrates, which means that can only select dishes from the group of carbohydrates. Take for example, 125g of pasta, 125g of rice or 200g of potatoes. Combine with 400 g of vegetables or salad. Carbohydrates relax and are ideal before going to bed.

You want an hour before or after a meal to eat something more? Let the intermediate portion be of the same group as the main meal. Or whether it can be from neutral groups: milk, cream cheese, a piece of hard cheese, a handful of nuts or dried fruits, vegetables or olives

Food Combining

Separate and eat! Carefully separate from protein the carbohydrates! If we do not make food combining, weight loss is guaranteed.


Separation of carbohydrate from protein is already a classic in the diet. The concept of Separation Diet, has Dr. Hay already introduced 70 years ago.

What can you eat?

The basic idea is in separation diet. Neutral foods such as yogurt or cheese can be combined with both sets of dishes. In this way we load the digestive system minimum and it works like a clock.

You can Afford

Basically you can eat whatever you want, but you need to make food combining. You can eat flakes, but no fruit.

Foodsrich in protein: all types of meat, fish, seafood, sausage, salmon etc.

Foodsrichin carbohydrates: products made from cereals, bread and pastries, pasta, rice, potatoes, thoughts, semolina etc.

Neutralfoods: vegetables, fresh lettuce, mushrooms, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, goat cheese, mozzarella, sweet cream, olives, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, nuts etc.