14 day diet plan – the seventh day

14 day diet plan – the seventh – Eat Half

14 day diet menu

Breakfast: 1/2 of pastry with jam, cheese or sausage, 1/2 yoghurt or 100 ml of fresh pressed orange juice, scrambled eggs and cappuccinoCreative_Leftover

Lunch: a small salad, 1/2 plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce, 1/2 of chocolate pudding.

Suddenly you wished to eat pizza. Maybe shows right in front of your eyes a steak with baked potatoes or apple pie? Today you can afford to eat everything, but only half portions! HP is an abbreviation for eat half!


Half! And you get to half of our 14 day diet! Congratulations on your great success! It was not so hard, right!? Today, therefore, for a reward you can afford whatever you want. Croissant, a piece of chocolate cake etc. You may eat whatever you want, but beware, only half of your normal portion! This will make you to save up at least 1000 calories that we do not even talk about fat!

What can you eat?

Today you can finally eat food that you most like. However, you can renounce to certain habits. Do not eat in front of the TV or while talking on the phone. Be conscious of the time you meal and enjoy it slowly at the table Chew each bite at least 20-times. When chewing the body is already sending signals to the brain about satiety. You will be surprised, because despite the lower portion you will not have a sense of hunger.

Good to know

Do you like to eat alone? Probably not. Man is a social creature and value of the meal “for the soul” is growing, if we are not alone at the table. Organize your day so you can eat at least one meal in the company of friends, relatives or colleagues. In this way you will automatically eat slower. It has been shown that if we eat slower, we eat less and body more easily tolerates entered amounts of food.

‘Sins’, which are allowed

Piece of chocolate, with at least 70-percent of cocoa.

If you want, you can enjoy a glass of red wine. Compared to the white wine, has black wine more beneficial things. It helps to combat stress, if you drink it at dinner, helps for better sleep.


From today, eat only half portions. Go to the pool and swim for half an hour at full power, where you can spend 300 calories. Then go to the sauna. This will activate metabolism.