14 day diet plan – sixth day

14 day diet plan – sixth day – Soup day

14 day diet menu

Ingredients: 6 young onions, 2 cans tomatoes, 2 green peppers, cabbage, 5 carrots, a bunch of celery, parsley, 2 soup cubes, salt and pepper, if desired sweet ground red pepper and curry

Preparation: Wash the vegetables, clean and cut into smaller pieces. Cook all together on a high heat for 10 minutes in a liter of water. Then reduce heat and cook for about 30 minutes.

Magic cabbage soup diet: Cabbage soup diet is a classic dish that has been tested almost by every one of us. Its advantage is that it is very easy to prepare and that is really effective for weight loss.


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Cabbage Soup contains a minimum amount of calories, that’s why is one of the most popular fat burning foods and helps to discharge toxic substances from the body.

What can you eat?

The main food of today is oil-free cabbage soup with added vegetables (see recipe). In addition, you can now eat fruit in unlimited quantities.

Good to know

Cabbage soup can also be taken with you to work. If you cannot avoid work lunch, order in the restaurant lean beef or vegetable broth.

If you get winds

Some people hard tolerate cabbage, because they get too much winds and spasms in the abdomen. How can you help? With caraway or fennel tea. What if you do not eat cabbage? Then cook vegetable soup without cabbage.