14 day diet plan – fourth day

14 day diet plan – fourth day – Easy and relaxing

14 day diet menu

  • Rice with Juice: 100g of rice cook for 40 minutes in 125 ml of unsweetened apple juice and 100 ml of water. Stir in 500 g of finely chopped fruit.
  • Vegetable Risotto: Cook rice in water. Season it with fresh or dried herbs. Finally, add 850 g of finely chopped vegetables.Vegetable_risotto

Rice is one of the more filling dishes. It also has many good qualities, as firming connective tissue and help to fight against cellulite on the buttocks and legs.


The secret of good stature and lean bodies of the celebrities lies in wholegrain rice, which you can add it to fruits and vegetables. Small grains are the true reservoir of strength and carbohydrates that give us a long-lasting feeling of satiety. In the darker layers is hiding a wealth of minerals and vitamins for strong nerves. Potassium discharge harmful substances and fat from the body.

Treat yourself!

Today you have on the menu 200 g whole -wheat rice. Cook in the morning a daily intake of rice. For breakfast and lunch eat rice with apple juice and fresh fruit. For lunch and dinner add vegetables to rice. To wholegrain rice you can also add wild rice, especially if the dish is more salty.

Useful news

Rice has the advantage because is satiety, easily digestible and promotes drainage of water from the body. If you want that its effect is maximum, do not add salt. Cook a small portion of whole-grain rice in non-fat milk and eat it with fruit.


Asana, as we call exercises in yoga, refresh mind and shape body at the same time. Assist in reducing stress. During the yoga exercises the whole body is sweeping wave of new energy. It is also important that this form of passive recreation helps to lose about 260 calories per hour.