29 Jun 2015

Fasting diet can prolong your life

Opinions about fasting are different. Many nutritionists are advising against strict fasting if not under the control of a doctor. Nevertheless, more and more studies show that fasting can also have positive effects on the body. One
26 Jun 2015

How to act in case of sports injuries

Any professional or amateur sportsman has already met with more or less severe sports injury. The best course is prevention. So how to act in case sports injury happen, anyway? The basic key is prevention To prevent
26 Jun 2015

10 foods you should eat every day

Food gives us energy and is essential for our life. If we eat healthy, it will be much healthier for our body. Doctors are well aware of this, that why they care about healthy dieting. Check out
21 Jun 2015

How to safely and healthy lose weight

Many words have been spent regarding how to lose weight fast. Fact is that there is no magic formula to lose weight. When you come to a decision that something has to be done regarding excess weight
25 May 2015

Good ways to lose weight

Physical activity and a balanced diet – the best combination for losing pounds. But which are good ways to lose weight? The most effective exercise that helps to burn fat is a combination of cardio training and