Good ways to lose weight

By on May 25, 2015

Physical activity and a balanced diet – the best combination for losing pounds. But which are good ways to lose weight?

The most effective exercise that helps to burn fat is a combination of cardio training and strength training.

  1. Jogging

Simple, but very effective sport activity when it comes to lose calories.

We suggest interval training – a sequence of intermediate runs and rests. Start with an easy course and then alternately perform 60 seconds of fast running and 60 seconds of easy running. How long will you run depends on your willingness, for start it will be enough of 8 minutes training.

How many calories / kilometer could spend at a moderate course? Weight (kg) x 0.85 = ____ kcal / moderately quickly elapsed kilometer.

  1. Cycling

Perhaps cycling outside is not really the best choice in these days, but also stationary bike is a great alternative. Within an hour of moderate cycling (on the exercise bike) you can spend 250 calories and more. Even more effective workout is short and intense

  1. Hiking

Fast walking, walking, walking uphill, walking up the stairs etc. The activity, which perfectly forms legs, buttocks and help you lose belly rings. Walking up the stairs or uneven terrain is great for burning fat.

  1. Paddling

With paddling you activate the muscles of the whole body. For best results, perform several series with a higher intensity (4 to 8 minutes) in between paddle 2 minutes lightly. so the pulse will not completely calm down. Beware of execution – the movement must take place smoothly and without interruptions.

  1. Jumping

Any jumping – over the rope, on the trampoline etc. With rope jumping you can spend up to 700 calories.

Skipping rope is a great cardio device. After ten minutes of jumping you will be completely sweat, with skipping you will awake all the muscles of your body, you will improve the endurance, strength, speed and coordination.

Excellent training is also where you combine squats and jumping skipping rope.

  1. Tennis

The constant and rapid movement. Tennis improves coordination body, balance, flexibility, speed and explosiveness. It strengthens and accordingly develops all the muscles of the body.

Within one hour of tennis you can spend, of course, depending on the intensity, from 450 to 900 calories and more. However, you should know that tennis is a very psychological sport, whereby it takes a lot of concentration and concentration at high rate, which can also be very frustrating.

  1. Swimming

Winter is not a reason to finish with swimming. Swimming is an activity involving all muscles, undoubtedly one of the best forms of sports activities. Even for those who would like to lose weight.

When swimming you have to fight the resistance of water, therefore you will spend more energy and consequently burn more fat. In addition, it is also suitable for those who have problems with their joints and spine.

One hour of swimming, will take you away 800 calories (depending on your weight, gender and intensity).

  1. Strength Training

Cardio exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and plays an important role in fat burning. Nevertheless, do not forget about strength training. For a nice shaped body you must also implement strength exercises. Strength training is actually one of the most productive trainings. Muscles are playing a key role in burning fat.

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