25 Jul 2015

What is Hemp

Hemp, Cannabis Sativa in Latin is not the same as marijuana. While cannabis and hemp is determined by the entire plant, the term marijuana means only dried flowers, leaves and small parts of the stalk that appear
25 Jul 2015

The best choice for detox

The value of food, especially in fresh products such as fruit and vegetables is in the last fifty years dramatically in the fall. This is due to various factors, such as genetic modification of food, which focuses
19 Jul 2015

Do you realize how much heavy metals we have in our body?

We receive heavy metals in the body from the food, cosmetic products, which are applied to the skin, using kitchenware etc; we can get it also at workplace (especially in laboratories, warehouses, airports etc.). Especially a lot
16 Jul 2015

Brahmi – The nerve tonic for optimal brain function

Brahmi is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and has a reputation as an effective and powerful herb that is beneficial for memory and in the fight against stress. Brahmi acts as an adaptive, which means it helps
16 Jul 2015

Rejuvenating herb 1,500 years old

From about 10,000 Chinese medicinal herbs, there are about 60 of those who belong to the top of herbs. Of all of these 60 He Shou Wu is the best rejuvenating herb that slows aging and ensures
15 Jul 2015

Super Foods to raise energy

Do you give to your body enough energy with proper dietary choices? Eating super foods will improve your well-being, vitality and digestion. Too stressful way of life, together with the lack of exercise and eating an unhealthy